The People's Daily:Detail analysis of the secret of the adverse growth of Haid Under epidemic situation


The sudden epidemic affected all aspects of the national economy, including the domestic feed and breeding industry. However, Guangdong Haid Group released the first quarter performance forecast of 2020, which shows that in the first quarter of this year, Haid achieved a net profit of RMB 280 million-320 million attributable to shareholders of listed companies, an increase of 128.59% - 161.25% over the same period of last year.

Report of People's daily

The fundamental reason for the adverse growth of performance is that Haid Group has already carried out the layout of the complete industrial chain, built multi-dimensional comprehensive competitiveness, has the courage to take responsibility in the epidemic situation, and tried to actively recover production in advance to provide production materials for farmers and overcome difficulties together.

2020 is the decisive year for building a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also a tough year for rural revitalization. The leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization are the backbone of rural revitalization, playing a key role in leading the development of rural industries, promoting the employment of farmers, and helping to combat poverty. Agricultural leading enterprises have laid a solid foundation for building a well-off society in an all-round way. As a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Haid Group has always been committed to "invigorating agriculture through science and technology, changing the current situation of rural areas", and devoted itself to poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

Return to work quickly and ensure stable production and supply, Overcome difficulties with farmers together

"At that time, the situation was really urgent. The feed was almost finished, fortunately, Haid returned to work in time and gave us enough feed." The client Mr. Liao is in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, when the whole Hubei Province lock down; he was worried about the "ration" of his own fish.

After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Haid Group responded positively, and set up a "stable production and supply leading group". Chairman Xue Hua himself was in command. The group quickly responded to the government's request to ensure the supply of "vegetable basket" products and means of agricultural production and tried to resume production. Since the fifth day of the lunar New Year, many factories across the country have been in wartime state. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of production personnel against the epidemic, they have returned to work in an emergency. They have firmly pressed the "fast forward" key of stable production and supply, eliminated all difficulties, worked overtime, purchased raw materials through multiple channels, produced feed, animal health care, and other products in a hurry, accelerated transportation, overcome the difficulties with the majority of farmers, and solved the problem of lacking materials and grain shortage for farmers. In mid-February, the corporation's recovery rate exceeded 80%, and it resumed 100% in mid-March.

Emergency resumption of work and production of Haid

Both epidemic prevention and resumption of production should be done well. For this reason, Haid Group has launched a series of "non-contact" services to provide health and safety protection for front-line drivers, dealers, salespersons, etc. On the one hand, through order and payment of Haid, online order and online payment can be realized, providing dealers with self-service order, order tracking, purchase analysis, accounting query, and other services. On the other hand, the driver can effectively avoid contact with customers through self-help invoicing. Besides, Haid Group also provides six mobile products for different groups, such as easy to sell, easy to bill, easy to load and easy to warehouse management, to reduce the stay time of drivers in the billing room after arriving at the factory and effectively avoid the risk of an epidemic.

To a certain extent, the epidemic affected the transportation of agricultural products. Haid staff tried to find a way for farmers' products and ensure the supply of "shopping basket" products. "The most affected by the epidemic in the breeding farm is the layer farm. Because the layers are laying every day, they must be sold as soon as possible. The best storage time is two weeks. If the weather gets warmer, the time will be shorter." After the outbreak, Lei Xiaozhen, a technical service engineer of Heshengtang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Haid Group, received assistance inquiries from farmers almost every day. He seeks distribution channels for farmers nearby and provides remote guidance for farmers through telephone, wechat, etc., to help farmers reduce losses as much as possible.

Whole industry chain layout to create multidimensional competitiveness

Haid Group was established in 1998, which the headquarter locates in Guangzhou. After 22 years of continuous and rapid development, it has formed the business sectors of feed, seedling, animal health care, breeding, food circulation, finance, grain trade, etc., constructed the business pattern of the whole industrial chain, established more than 300 branches and subsidiaries at home and abroad, with more than 20,000 employees. At present, the total annual feed sales volume ranks the top three in China, among which the aquatic feed sales volume ranks the first in the world. With strong comprehensive strength, Haid Group has been listed as "national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization" and "key high-tech enterprise of National Torch Plan", and has been selected as "top 500 Chinese enterprises" and "top 50 Asian listed companies" for many consecutive years.

Farmers from Vietnam are presenting the solid recognition for Haid feed products

It is the basic strategy for Haid Group to construct the completely industrial chain management to extend the industrial chain on the basis of specialization and core competitiveness. With the feed business as the core, the group carries out layout in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, such as aquaculture, aquaculture seedlings, meat and poultry slaughtering, animal protection and raw material trade, so as to improve the comprehensive profitability and anti risk ability.

The completely industrial chain operation also deepens the service system of Haid, which enables the core values of "creating value for customers" advocated by the group to be fully implemented. Especially in the COVID-19 outbreak, the group's perfect online and offline service mode has provided a deep and effective service for farmers and has achieved remarkable results, which has improved product value and customer stickiness. This explains why the Group's first-quarter results bucked the trend.

Established Provincial Industrial Park and share interests with farmers

"Developing agriculture through science and technology and changing the current situation of rural areas", Haid Group has always been deeply rooted in the countryside and devoted itself to agriculture. More than 8,000 breeding engineers have been running around the countryside for years, providing more than 800,000 farmers with 360 services such as breeding planning, feeding, environmental improvement, disease prevention and control, marketing and sales, financial services, etc.

To better serve the implementation of the strategy of Rural Revitalization and give full play to the role of joint agriculture, in recent years, Haid Group has actively participated in the establishment of Guangdong Modern Agricultural Industrial Park. At present, it has undertaken the establishment of Haid (Qingxin) Mandarin fish Industrial Park, Famous and excellent fishery industrial park of Panyu district, and Shaoguan Pig-breeding Advantageous industrial park.

Haid service engineers are working around fishponds and chicken houses

The total planned aquaculture area of Mandarin fish Industrial Park of Haid Group (Qingxin) is about 45000 mu, including more than 30000 mu of Mandarin fish (including feed fish). The Industrial Park aims to realize the development of the whole industrial chain of Mandarin fish, highlight the development connotation of improved breeding, standardized breeding, processing and circulation, brand marketing and technological innovation, strengthen the leading industry, enhance the related and supporting industries, and gradually build into a leading area for the promotion and expansion of Mandarin fish industry in China, a new benchmark for the green aquaculture in South China, a Provincial Rural Revitalization and Model area of a strong agricultural county. After the completion of the industrial park, the total annual output value reaches RMB 1.6 billion, which provided around 30,000 positions and more than 10,000 mu of newly increased cultivation area, all with good comprehensive benefits. At the same time, Qingyuan is making efforts to create "the hometown of Mandarin fish" in China and to promote the brand, scale, and specialization of agriculture.

Mr. Xue Qunzhi, assistant to the president of Haid mentioned:” Haid Group is kept pacing with “One belt, one road” policy, Greater bay development and the strategy of "integration of Qingyuan and Guangzhou", Haid will continue to invest in the core sectors such as animal health care, feed, seedling, healthy breeding, circulation services in the next few years, which also given full play to the core advantages in the whole industrial chain and food safety in the field of agricultural breeding, strive to build a 10 billion industrial base in Qingyuan. Haid will become a model enterprise for the development of domestic food safety and health industry, and make greater contributions to promoting Qingyuan's economic development, building a new rural social service system, and promoting the development of modern agriculture with its great effort.

Mandarin fish breeding industrial park of Qingyuan

With a total area of 324.58 square kilometers, Guangzhou Panyu district famous and excellent modern fishery Industrial Park aims to realize the development of the whole industry chain of famous and excellent fishery in the whole area, and to build a nationally famous and excellent fishery development model area, a high-quality aquatic product distribution center in GBA, a modern fishery science and technology innovation headquarters in the whole province, and a new benchmark of leisure fishery complex in the whole province.

The industrial park of Shaoguan pig-breeding Advantageous area is led by Haid Group. It will vigorously promote the way of interests linking up "leading enterprises and farmers" to protect farmers' participation in sharing rights and interests, encourage farmers to invest in the industrial park through capital or land circulation, and establish a mechanism of mutual benefit with leading enterprises. According to the relevant person in charge of Shaoguan Agricultural Bureau, the industrial park will focus on the whole industrial chain of "production + technology + processing + brand marketing", realize the transformation and upgrading of the pig industry, build a national-level innovation highland of pig industry science and technology, and a national level model area of modern ecological intensive breeding mode. It is estimated that the number of pigs in the industrial park will reach 3.6 million in 2021. Haid Group will develop environmental protection and ecological culture in the industrial park, and plan to sell 3 million pigs in the year. At present, 1 million pig industry chain projects have been officially launched in the first phase of the plan.